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How We Work

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How We Work

Focus on our customers is our #1 priority, with an organizational-wide commitment to develop solutions that exceed your expectations.

Dedicated point of contact

Your primary point of contact is an experienced sales manager who oversees all aspects of the relationship, drawing upon the right resources to support your goals.


We welcome a challenge. It’s an organizational attitude of “bring it on” to work with you in developing solutions that focus on improvement – whether it be better efficiencies, reduced costs, or an enhanced production plan.  We make it our business to know your business, leveraging the expertise of our cross-functional teams to maximize value for you.

Support of structured processes

You can be confident that all aspects of production are covered with rigorous processes, including a formal on-boarding process for all new customers and new products.

Actionable reporting

We automatically generate customer-specific reports with relevant metrics encompassing quality, inventory, production reports.

Pro-active communication

The glue that binds our customer relationships is frequent, pro-active communication. We’re advocates of no surprises and full transparency. Whatever you prefer – face-to-face, phone, email or fax–  we’ll adapt to your preference.

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