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Processing Capabilities

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Processing Capabilities

Agropur Beverage is uniquely positioned to serve your processing needs with expertise in Aseptic processing platforms.


From indulgent chocolate milk, to protein-rich nutrition shakes, to tasty chicken broth, Agropur Beverage leverages the know-how of our long-tenured, skilled work force to consistently deliver great tasting, on-specification products.

Packaged in aseptic cartons, Agropur Beverage contract manufactures a diverse range of dairy, plant-based and protein/nutritional beverages.

Single Serve Aseptic Carton

  • 330 ml with screw cap

Multiple Serve Aseptic Carton

  • Liter/1000 ml screw cap

6-month+ shelf life*

To learn more about our Aseptic processing capabilities, click here.