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With 100% real, nutrition-rich milk at our core, Agropur Beverage offers an exceptional brand of dairy-based beverages.

True to its name, Natrel is 100% real, great-tasting milk. Sourced from Midwest dairy farms, Natrel milk has no rBST/rBGH growth hormones. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every delicious, nutrition-rich sip.

Natrel offers the added benefit of shelf-stable convenience. Using a natural heat treatment process with no preservatives, Natrel stays fresh up to 12 months without refrigeration.  Once Natrel milk is opened, any unused portion must be refrigerated.

Natrel is perfect to enjoy anytime or anywhere.  Keep Natrel in your pantry as a fresh alternative when you need it.  It’s also great for “on-the-go” to pack in lunches, take on camping trips, or enjoy while playing outdoors.

There’s a Natrel milk to fit every occasion with white, lactose free and flavored milk in multi-serve liters and single-serve 8 oz. aseptic cartons.

Natrel is available for purchase in numerous retail outlets and on amazon.

For more information on Natrel Milk, click here.